Dear Miss England




“It was magic, it was the first time we’d left the country. Especially going on our own on a boat train and not knowing what we were going to see or do or where we were going to stay. But when we got there it was just fantastic we had the greatest time.”

Cynthia Lennon on her trip to Hamburg – Drawing by Klaus Voormann


Old Macdonald Had An Arm

index “George Martin is a tall man. He is also a musician with short hair. In spite of this he records rock groups such as (Beatles, Billy J. Kramer, Gerry and the Pacemakers) to name four, and has earned the respect of everyone in the business (what business you might well ask). We all owe a great deal of our success to George, especially for his patient guidance of our enthusiasm in the right directions (it was a patient George Martin who, on one of our early sessions, explained to a puzzled Ringo that it was a bit much playing a full drum kit, tambourine and maracas at the same time. (…) PS Please tell all your friends to buy it too, so George can be rich and famous – after all why not? Good George Martin is our friend / Buddy Pal and Mate / Buy this record and he’ll send / a dog for your front gate Chorus: With an arf arf arf here / And and arf arf arf there, etc (Sung to the tune of Old Macdonald Had An Arm by the Beatles, a band)

Sleeve notes to the LP Off the Beatles Track by John Lennon

I forget the name

“You know what I have written- carved- on a church in Hamburg? “John loves Cyn” That was my first going out with her at that time. A church that overlooks… just outside the Reeperbahn. But out right in town, and it’s got a big green tower, that you can walk in. And we all carved our names on there. You can have a look. There will be John + Cyn, Stu + Astrid, Paul + … What the hell was the girl at that time? I think Stu and Astrid is up there…. But I know John + Cyn is.” John Lennon (1975)

Early Days


It’s me remembering walking down the street, dressed in black, with the guitars across our back. I can picture the exact street. It was a place called Menlove Avenue. Someone’s going to read significance into that: Paul and John on Menlove Avenue. Come onnnnnnn.
(Paul McCartney – Rollng Stone)