If I Fell

“John’s “If I Fell” was a songwriting breakthrough for him: his first forthright expression of the soft core of emotional vulnerability that he otherwise sought to mask with bravado, insouciance and wit…From the moment Paul’s voice joins John’s on the stately, rising melody, the whole tenor of the track changes. Their two parts do not move in simple, parallel motion (like a couple holding hands); instead their voices perform an intricate courtship dance, ranging from a sixth to a third apart, alternately closing and widening the distance between them. “If I Fell” is a love song that seeks to move beyond the shaky ground of infatuation – beyond the very idea of falling (like the chords in the introduction) in love. By the last verse, the music sounds like a hymn, the singing an exchange of vows.” (Jonathan Gould, Can’t Buy Me Love: The Beatles, Britain and America, 2008)


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