It’s a drag

“I was just beginning to wrestle with it and it was just sinking in, and someone said ‘what d’you think of the death of John Lennon?’ And I really couldn’t think of anything more to say than ‘it’s a drag’. And it came out really slow. But of course when it got printed, ‘Paul McCartney when asked for his definitive version of how he felt said ‘it’s a drag’- it looked so callous in print. You can’t take the print back and say, ‘Look, let me just rub that print in shit and pee over it and then cry over it for three years, then you’ll see what I meant when I said that word. When I got home I wept buckets, in the privacy of my own home. I controlled it all during the day, but that evening when it was on the news and all the in-depth shit and all the pundits were coming out, trotting out all their little witticisms, I did a lot of weeping. I remember screaming that Mark Chapman was the jerk of all jerks; I felt so robbed and so emotional. It shocked me for months afterwards and you couldn’t talk to me about guns. Any mention of the word “gun”, “rifle”, “pistol”, “shoot”, just shocked me, sent a wave of reverberation through me like a little echo of the pistol shot. I can’t tell you how much it hurts to lose him. His death is a bitter cruel blow. I really loved the guy.” (Paul McCartney)



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