Four Images Of A Woman

“The Beatles arrived in Tokyo on June 29th, 1966. They had received death threats before the trip to Japan and were advised not to leave their hotel, the Tokyo Hilton. To keep busy during the long days stuck in the hotel room, the Beatles were given some paper and paints by their Japanese promoter. The paper was 30 inches by 40 inches and was placed on a table with a lamp at the centre. Working by the light of the lamp, each of the Beatles decorated their own corner of the paper with oil paints and watercolours. Paul’s corner had a symmetrical, psychedelic feel, while John’s had a dark centre surrounded by thick oils. George’s part of the picture was large and colourful, and Ringo’s was cartoon-like. When the lamp was removed from the table, it left a white circle in the middle of the painting, which was signed by all four of the Beatles.”

[MOJO, 1000 Days That Shook The World]


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