Beatles, oh man!

” I was top of the bill and wearing a white suit. The boys are wearing purple suits. We’re doing The Shadows and all that and the girls are screaming. These guys came walking in, they all had leather and black polo necks and John Lennon had big rips in his jeans. I thought, good God, what’s this? They’re going to ruin everything, the state of them. John Lennon hit his amplifier with a hammer, Paul put on a solid red Rosetti guitar with three strings on it, not even plugged in. No stage clothes, just this scruffy, stinky, smelly group. All of a sudden I heard this voice, ‘Oh, my soul baby baby baby.” Paul just ripped it out. My fans came screaming from one end of Litherland town hall to the other to watch them. Usually all the girls tried to talk to me, but I was completely ignored. Beatles, oh man, I was sick.” (Faron Ruffley of The Big Three)

Un pensiero su “Beatles, oh man!


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