The Boy Casanova of Speke

Paul [was] always kind to the ladies, whatever their age. Paul’s always been a charmer. As far back as I can remember, he’s been considerate to girls, even horrors. I remember one evening years ago – Paul couldn’t have been much more than ten at the time – there was a knock on the door. Paul got up and went to the window to see who it was. Suddenly he turned and streaked up the stairs like Winnie the Pooh on fire. We thought he had gone nutters. Not that that was anything in our house – for years our dad was convinced that both Paul and I were nutters. He couldn’t get our sense of humour, that was all. He thought we were “daftheads.” Anyway, this time even I thought Paul had gone crackers.
He stood at the top of the stairs and whispered: “Tell them I’ve got measles or something. Anything!” We’d no idea what he was talking about. But Dad caught on when he opened the door. They weren’t much all right – three tattyheads who wanted Paul to come out to play. So you couldn’t blame Paul. But the point I’m trying to make is that he wanted to be kind and spare their feelings. Does the fact that Paul used to have to hide from girls, even when he was as young as that, surprise you, viewers? Actually, Paul’s been involved with girls one way or another ever since he was eight! I envied him – all the kids called him the Boy Casanova of Speke (which was the Liverpool district where we lived). His big secret? He wasn’t shy. Also he was good-mannered. Mum had always made a point of this – being considerate to others. Not that she wanted us to be softies – she knew better than to try and bring us up as a couple of cissies in a place like Liverpool – but she was determined not to have two tearaways on her hands. (Mike McCartney)


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