Get your glasses on, man!

” One day we were writing together, John and I, it was around Christmas, and he used to come down to me, we’d write in the evening and he’d walk back up to his house, which was like a mile away or something, and he’s walking back one night. As I say, if there was any possibility of girls around he wouldn’t wear the horn-rims. He’s walking back, and I saw him the next day, he said, ‘Do you know, those people on that corner of Booker Avenue, they’re mad!’ He said, ‘What time was it when I left you last night?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, about 11.30 or something’. He said, ‘Yeah, well I went passed their house and they were out, still playing cards in front of their house’. I said, ‘I can’t believe it’. So I go by there later and it’s a nativity scene. You know, Mary and Joseph bent over the baby Jesus. I said ‘Get your glasses on, man!’        (Paul McCartney)



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