Tomorrow never knows

“My job was to give the artist and producer the kinds of sounds they wanted. So my ears perked up when I heard John’s final direction to George: “… and I want my voice to sound like the Dalai Lama chanting from a mountaintop, miles away”. (…) John always had plenty of ideas about how he wanted his song to sound, he knew in his mind what he wanted to hear. The problem was that, unlike Paul, he had great difficulty expressing those thoughts in anything but the most abstract terms. Whereas Paul might say “This song needs brass and timpani”, John’s direction might be more like “Give me the feel of James Dean gunning his motorcycle down a highway” (Geoff Emerick, Here, There and Everywhere: my life recording the music of the Beatles)


2 pensieri su “Tomorrow never knows

    • E sennò l’aveva a andare con toni renis e ricky gianco. Quello che John chiede e si fa. E poi si procurano i timpani a quell’altro esoso quando c’ha le marmeggiole del classic composer. Amori!


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