I know that boy

QUESTION: You realize, of course, that to many people John is something of a political leader with such songs as, “Power to the People,” for example …

AUNT MIMI: Don’t talk to me about such things! I know that boy. He doesn’t know what he’s saying! It’s all an act. If there were a revolution, John would be the first in the queue to run! Why, he’s scared to death of things like that! That’s Yoko talking, not John! Yoko is not exactly right in the head. Everytime John does something bad and gets his picture in the papers he rings up to smooth me over. See that new color television? It was a Christmas present, but he had it delivered early. A big present arrives every time he’s been naughty. I usually have a huge photograph of John hanging in the lounge. When he’s a good boy, it’ll go back up again! (Aut Mimi interview, Bournemouth 1970)


Un pensiero su “I know that boy


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