Long Haired Lady

The first girl Paul ever really dated seriously was called Val. Oh, it was real luv and all that. She had long hair, had Val. And Paul loved long hair. Still does, in fact. It’s hard to imagine Paul believing that a girl couldn’t be interested in him. But when he met Val, he honestly didn’t believe that a girl could feel about him the way he felt about her. He seemed to think that girls didn’t have any feelings. He saw Val coming home on the school bus every day. He never sat beside her or carried her books or anything like that, so far as I can remember. All he used to do was to sit and gaze at that long hair. “You know, she’s really great,” he told me. “I don’t half fancy her.”

– Mike McCartney (Portrait of Paul- Woman Magazine 21 Aug. 1965)


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    • Thank you so much! It means a lot to me. And I won’t publish anything private unless authorized. All this is certainly so so lovely!


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