I have to change my mind-set


“Normally, we make sure the ‘special guests’ get seats by the mixing desk so that the kids can come up the front. I’ll never forget in Barcelona whit The Beatles when we played the Plaza De Toros and all our audience was outside – they couldn’t afford to get in and the Lord Mayor, the councillors and every bullfighter in town, the nobs, were all in there. We only met our audience in the tunnel the bus went through to get into the gig.

But, of course, when you’re my age, a lot of the fans are nobs, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I have to change my mind-set. I mean when I go to a Prince concert I suppose I look like a nob. I’ll have a reasonable suit on, I won’t be dancing and shouting. I’m sat there appreciating it, a bit embarrassed cos eveybody else is dancing, and I feel like telling everyone around me, No, really, I’m into it, don’t worry. But maybe Prince is looking dow thinking, That bastard McCartney doesn’t think much of it then.”   (Paul McCartney about 89/90 World Tour)


Un pensiero su “I have to change my mind-set


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