It was many years before we met again


“It seemed that John had cut me off not just from him but from the whole Beatles family. The only person who came to see me was Paul. He arrived one sunny afternoon, bearing a red rose, and said, ‘I’m so sorry, Cyn, I don’t know what’s come over him. This isn’t right.‘ (…) Paul stayed for a while. He told me that John was bringing Yoko to recording sessions, which he, George and Ringo hated. (…) He joked about us getting married – ‘How about it, Cyn?’ – and I was grateful to him for cheering me up and caring enough to come. He was the only member of the Beatles family who’d the courage to defy John – who had apparently made clear the he expected everyone to follow his lead in cutting me off. But Paul was his own man and not afraid of John. In fact, musically and personally, the two were beginning to go in separate directions so perhaps Paul’s visit to me was also a statement to John. He drove off, promising to keep in touch, but a month or two later he got together with American photographer Linda Eastman and his life began a new phase. It was many years before we met again.”  Cynthia Powell



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