Dear Miss England




In the hospital George asked the nurses to put fish and chips in his IV. The doctor – thinking he was delusional – said to his son “don’t worry, we have a medical name for this condition.” “Yes,” said Dhani, “humor.”

Eric Idle

They never did, Dad

“It was a pleasant little school. She didn’t have an easy time settling in because she was American and the kids made fun of her. She had a very poignant little story. I said to her, ‘Don’t try and make friends with everyone, just sit around in a corner, reading a book, and they’ll eventually come up to you.’ She said, ‘They never did, Dad.’ She did that, and it didn’t work. Gulp! I don’t think she made too many friends there. She wasn’t desperate or anything, she was just a little sad because she’s an American kid and she’s a very friendly person.”  (Paul McCartney)

Fathers & Sons

“One Bonfire Night that we had at my place, John and I decided to show our  kids (they must have been two and three) some fireworks. We went and bought all these fizzy ones. We’d smoked a lot of herbalized stuff so we didn’t want anything really loud. We were doing this whole set up and sitting around, relaxing a little and went outside to give the babies this big show and everything we bought just exploded! Exploded! What the kids must have thought, I don’t know because the grown-ups were going ‘Ow! Ow! Aaaag!’. We were so shocked we had to go back inside. And that’s what makes our children what they are today.”  Ringo Starr

Oh, almost wonderful father

“Of course I love my dad!” she laughs. “We have this funny thing as a family, where we’ll go: ‘Oh, almost wonderful father’ and then he’ll say ‘who we really revere!’ and then we’ll say ‘who we fear!’ We all do that in families. I like that kind of friendly, family banter. To me, he’s my dad. So I don’t look on him as the iconic Beatle Paul McCartney. Unless I’m seeing him perform and then I look on him as a great performer and I’m really proud of him — but generally he is just Dad.” (Mary McCartney, 2010)