Roll Up!

piechart-911x1024“Paul’s Mystery Tour scenario was achingly simplistic. It was diagrammed on a single sheet of paper he’d first shown to Brian Epstein back in May. The entire blueprint was contained in a circle divided into eight segments labeled as follows :

1. Commercial introduction. Get on coach. Courier introduces. 2. Coach people meet each other / (Song, Fool On The Hill?) 3. marathon – laboratory sequence 4. smiling faces. LUNCH. mangoes, tropical (magician) 5. and 6: Dreams 7. Stripper & band 8. Song


(From Bob Spitz, The Beatles)

The Daily Howl

“Whilst we were at Quarry Bank School I remember a book John produced called “The Daily Howl”. It was an exercise book filled with his stories, poems, drawings and cartoons. He used to show his work to a bloke called Pete Shotton before he let anyone else see it. Pete was his best mate at Quarry Bank and I think John wrote “The Daily Howl” mainly for him.”  – Bill Turner (John’s former schoolfriend)